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Where is Amoly based and where are its products manufactured?

With its all-natural and environmentally friendly products, the hair and skincare company Amoly has been creating waves in the cosmetics sector. Amoly has grown in popularity as more and more consumers become conscious of the items they use thanks to its dedication to provide environmentally sustainable and animal-free goods.

Where Amoly is headquartered and where its products are made is one of the most often asked questions by customers. We’ll examine more closely at the brand’s history and manufacturing process in this post.

Where is Amoly based?

As of August 2022, when Pragyan Paramita launched the company, Amoly is still a relatively new name. where the business is headquartered, Bangalore, one of India’s most populated cities and a centre for business and commerce, is home to the company’s headquarters.

While being a new company, Amoly has gained popularity in India and other countries because of its emphasis on sustainability and natural ingredients. Customers who are looking for efficient hair and skincare products that are good to the environment have come to love the brand.

Where are Amoly’s products manufactured?

Amoly pledges to solely use sustainable and natural components in its products. The brand controls every step of the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and packaging, to guarantee the quality of its products.

The brand sources its ingredients from local farmers and suppliers in India. By sourcing ingredients locally, Amoly is able to support small-scale farmers and promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Once the ingredients are sourced, they are carefully processed and manufactured in Amoly’s own production facility in Bangalore. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and adheres to strict quality control measures to ensure that every product that leaves the facility meets the brand’s high standards.

Beyond the components it employs in its products, Amoly is dedicated to sustainability. The company also emphasises the need of eco-friendly packaging. Glass bottles and paper boxes are only two examples of the packaging options available for all of its products.

Amoly also always seeks ways to lessen its carbon footprint. The company has put in place a number of sustainability-related initiatives, like employing renewable energy sources and cutting waste from its production process.


Amoly is a young and innovative brand that is based in India and committed to using natural and sustainable ingredients in its products. The brand’s products are manufactured in its own production facility in Bangalore, where they are carefully processed and packaged to ensure their quality.

By sourcing its ingredients locally and using eco-friendly packaging materials, Amoly is able to promote sustainability and support small-scale farmers. As the brand continues to grow, it is likely that it will inspire other companies to prioritize sustainability in their own production processes.

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