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Amoly Pledges 10% of Profits to Drive Social Empowerment and Environmental Conservation

Introduction of Amoly Pledges:


Amoly, a forward-thinking company founded by Pragyan Paramita, has set forth an inspiring initiative that combines business success with social responsibility. The company has pledged to donate 10% of its total profits towards critical social causes, including women empowerment, children’s education, the welfare of socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in slum areas, and nature conservation. 

This commitment showcases Amoly’s dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment while driving sustainable business practices.

Supporting Women Empowerment:

Amoly recognises the significant contributions women make to society as well as the gender gaps that still exist and impede their advancement. The company wants to give women the chance to succeed in a variety of fields through its dedication to women’s empowerment. 

Amoly will support programmes that give women the tools, mentorship, and resources they need to break down barriers and become financially independent.

Fostering Children's Education:

Education may improve a child’s future, and Amoly is dedicated to making high-quality education available to everyone. By donating a portion of its earnings in this area, the company hopes to support programmes that increase the educational opportunities for kids from underprivileged backgrounds. 

This may entail providing financial assistance to educational institutions, providing scholarships, and using cutting-edge teaching techniques in order to ensure that every child has the chance to learn and grow.

Empowering Socially and Economically Backwards Communities:

Amoly is intimately aware of the difficulties experienced by communities that are economically and socially challenged, particularly those that live in slum regions. With a focus on their wellbeing, the corporation will support programmes that help these communities have better living circumstances, access to healthcare, and skill-building opportunities. 

Amoly seeks to build a more equal society by empowering the underprivileged and raising them up while providing them with resources and assistance.

Nature Conservation:

Amoly’s founder and visionary Pragyan is aware of the critical necessity to protect the environment for coming generations. The business’s dedication to sustainable practices is demonstrated by its promise to donate a portion of its earnings to support environmental protection. 

Amoly will aggressively promote programmes that encourage reforestation, lower carbon emissions, and environmentally responsible behavior. Amoly seeks to save biodiversity, lessen climate change, and promote a better planet for all through emphasizing environmental protection.

The Impact of Amoly's Pledge:

Amoly’s promise to donate 10% of its entire income is not just a sign of the company’s commitment to CSR; it also reflects its underlying principles. Amoly will promote good change and have a long-lasting effect on people, communities, and the environment by funding these important social initiatives. 

This promise will not only motivate other companies but also promote group efforts to build a more fair and sustainable world.


Amoly, under the leadership of its inspirational creator Pragyan, is leading by example by promising to donate 10% of company profits to socially beneficial projects. Amoly is connecting its success with having a significant positive impact on society and the environment by putting a strong emphasis on women’s empowerment, children’s education, the welfare of communities who are socially and economically disadvantaged, and natural protection. 

This determination highlights the ability of companies to effect positive change, and Amoly’s pledge will likely motivate others to take similar action in the quest for a more just and equal world.

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